Case Study

Meet Mr. Peter -> He owns Crawlink Demo organization. He is concerned about data security, and transparency.

This is Mrs. Alfonza-> A teacher in Crawlink Demo organization. She has to share messages, pictures and news to her students and their parents. She wishes to organize essential daily tasks like taking attendance, sending circulars and homework from her smartphone

Meet Christina -> Her child studies in Crawlink Demo organization. She is worried about getting timely info and about her child’s progress in class. She wants to get all info about the organizations and her child on her phone.

There is also Tom -> He is a student of Crawlink Demo organization. He wishes to check on his homework, exams and time-table. All through his phone.

Yes, it is non other then Crawlink, which can easily meet the needs of all of them. With an integrated solution, Crawlink is one of the World’s best Mobile Communication Educational app.

Demo video


Crawlink mobile app provides many useful features
to ease out the process in educational organization in best way

  • Messaging

    Messages can be sent to students or staff or even the whole organization.

  • News

    Should be able add organization news incrementally, the content will be a text with an image.

  • Events

    List of all organization events chronologically with title, description date and time.

  • Time-Table

    Real-time updates about daily time-table with timings and teacher names. Bye-bye heavy organization bags, take only what is needed everyday!

  • Bus Live Tracking

    Student safety is greatly enhanced with real-time tracking. Crawlink Transport Solution provides a quick and secure way to track the location of all your organization vehicles that ferry students to and from the organization.

  • Attendance

    Forget paper registers and manual compilation of attendance. Get real-time attendance messages about your ward as soon as attendance is published by the organization. It reduces the time of a teacher by upto 70%

  • Gallery

    User can keep Photos in separate albums and manage as per its wishlist.

  • Staff directory

    List the profiles of the teachers by category/grades.

  • Coursework

    Get details of home-work and class-work for the day even if the student didn't go to organization. Teachers can share homework and classwork from the Crawlink app itself. Send a photo or type out the text. You can send a variety of files as attachments too!

  • Work Offline

    Don’t have Internet access? No problem! Keep working and Crawlink app will store everything offline. Once you connect to the Internet, everything syncs to the server immediately.

  • Intuitive Layout

    Intuitive layout of the app allows teachers to access important features quickly and complete their tasks faster than ever before.

  • Syllabus with exam

    Attach syllabus for each exam with the message for parents to see on Crawlink app.

  • Teacher Data Management

    Store and manage all your staff data by giving them access only to specific features.

  • Holidays Calendar

    Chronologically list the holidays of the organization.

  • Result on Crawlink app

    Parents can see result on Crawlink app.

  • Student Lifecycle Management

    Manage all activities and records of a student for the complete duration that they were a part of your organization for.

  • Secure & Safe

    Secure encryption technology and highly secure data centers keep your data always safe. Cloud-based data management and secure storage. This allows you to access your data from anywhere at any time. You don’t need to invest in any new hardware or software. All you need is a PC/laptop/smart-phone connected to the Internet and you are ready to go!

  • Super Fast

    Build over the latest available technology solutions in the market. Uses cloud infrastructure
    to process app requests faster.

  • Analytics

    Admin can track app engagement, teacher's communication, & more.

Upcoming features

  1. Leave Apply by student and approve by teacher
  2. Activity or School Diary​
  3. Online Exam Portal, Auto-correction and Result
  4. Quiz Post
  5. Study Notes Post
  6. Events
  7. Accounts Tracker or Financial Statistics
  8. SMS and Email gateway
  9. Forum
  10. Query Window for the Parent
  11. Study Zone
  12. Student Performance Graph
  13. Teacher Performance Graph
  14. Fees Payment
  15. Timetable with Substitution
  16. Assignment or Homework with Tracker
  17. Health
  18. Achievements
  19. Library
  20. Hostel
  21. Admission
  22. User Dashboard


For organizations

Organization can upload photos related with organization events and celebration without any limit.
Organizations can avoid horde of calls coming to the administration team.
Frees up the time of organization staff by reducing phone calls with repetitive and often unnecessary questions.
Organizations can easily connect to the parents.

For Parents-

Crawlink helps the parents with an easy way to track the students.
Parents should be able to report an issue from the mobile app.
Informs parents when events are rained out, avoiding frustration.

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